The chilling Below will land on PS4 in early April along with Explore mode

You have to love Capy’s people. The authors of the brilliant Sword & Sworcery and the recent Grindstone always bring us quality games, and Below is one of the most particular.

And of the most puzzled –

A title that was made to beg for a lot. Although it has no lack of virtues, when it finally came out in late 2018 it was criticized for being too unfair in its difficulty. That, fortunately, will soon be sorted out. On April 7th, not only will we be able to play Below on PS4 at last, but the Explore mode will also arrive.

We’ve been telling you for some time now what the pod is all about. In this mode there will be no instantaneous spike deaths, nor will we have to worry about hunger and thirst meters. Plus, when we die we show up at the last checkpoint, instead of starting over from the beginning. As the name suggests, more emphasis is placed on exploration and the atmosphere of the title, two of its best assets.

In the survival mode, which will remain present as always, it is difficult to enjoy the journey when every few minutes we are killed without warning. Now, Below opens up to many other user profiles that had been intimidated by the original experience.

Explore won’t be left alone on a Sony console. On the same day it will also be released as a free update for all other platforms where it is available, i.e. PC and Xbox One.

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