Sony Celebrates 500 Million Consoles Sold From The PlayStation Family With A Very Special And Limited PS4 Pro

Sony is celebrating after setting a truly amazing record. It has just announced that more than 500 million consoles have been sold across the entire PlayStation taurus family, including the first 32-bit PlayStation 2, PSP, PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PlayStation 4 along with their various distribution models.

This has led Sony to announce a new limited edition PlayStation 4 and really special, as only 50,000 units will be released worldwide. This new model will be the PS4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition and it will have a very striking design. It will also be available very soon, starting on August 24th for 499 euros.

This PS4 Pro will have a capacity of 2 TB and its casing will be dark blue translucent inside a translucent box that will allow you to see the inside of the console when it is turned on thanks to the power light. In addition, each unit will be accompanied by a commemorative copper plate on the front with the number of this edition.

The console will also include a Dualshock 4 with exactly the same colours to match, a stand to be able to place it in a vertical position, a set of headphones and a dark blue PlayStation Camera together with its respective stand.

However, if the console does not convince you enough, but the control knob does, from August 24th it will also be available separately for 64 euros and a Wireless Headset Gold 500 Million Limited Edition, which will be characterized by its translucent dark blue color. However, the headphones will arrive later on and will be on October 11 for 89 euros.

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